Friday, February 21, 2014

Telangana vs Seemandhra ..OR.. Telangana and Seemandhra

Telangana and Seemandhra

As soon as it was announced that Andhra Pradesh would be divided into 2 states, Telangana and Seemandhra

Let's see who all were happy by this announcements:
  • Congress Government would be happy because now lot of people would give them votes by being emotional
  • Few corrupted politicians were happy because now they will get a chance to get seats in parliament
  • Few people from Telangana were happy because they feel that people from Telangana will get a chance to work in government post or private companies where 1st preference would be given to people from Telangana. Not on the basis of Merit. 
  • Businessman (specially from other communities like Gujarati and Punjabi etc) would be happy because now there will be no more strikes and waste bandhs which stops their daily earnings
  • Few policemen would be happy because now they will got another chance of harassing small business men's or daily wagers or vendors.
  • Few Daily Wagers from Telangana would be happy because now they can earn their daily bread happily
  • Few corporate people from Seemandhra working in Telangana are happy because their friends are happy (no option right)
I am working in Hyderabad since August 2009 and I have seen following action during before it was announced:

  • I have seen people's mix reaction pre-announcements. 
  • I have listened to people's thinking and their views. 
  • I have heard of the news that lot of businessmen have shifted their business from Hyderabad to Vizag. 
  • Lot of Foreign investments have stopped
  • I have seen people asking each other from which region you are in friendly manner but who knows what they feel about it.

To me, this announcement is all bull-shit, if it will be Telangana vs Seemandhra (competition), instead of Telangana and Seemandhra (partnership). 

Unless people will not feel brotherly-hood and work together, the future of Telangana and Seemandhra would be at backstage for sure.  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

5 Level of Leadership by John Maxwell

After reading entire book of John Maxwell on "Develop Leadership within you", one day I saw his video on video where he talked about 5 levels of Leadership. I was already impressed by his book so while watching his video I noted down following points from his video.

  1. Position
    Designation. It doesn't make you leader.
    People will follow you because they have to.
  2. Permission Level
    Relationship. People will follow you because they want to. These leader are people like. Leadership is influential.

    Leader listens well. They observe well. They learn.
  3. Production level > Results
    Leaders help producing. How to be productive and effective. Leadership should not be travel agent, they should be like guide. Leaders attracts people. People follow you. Momentum is leaders best friend. Momentum is self exagerator. Managers solves problem. Momentum solves 80% of the problem in an organisation. eg. Train with momentum will hit huge block.
  4. People Development LevelThis is what it excites me. Grow company by growing people. 
    1. recruitment
    2. positioning > place it correctly
    3. equip well. develop them
      1. i do it. you can't teach someone if you can't do it.
      2. i do it and you be with me
      3. you do it and i am with you
      4. you do it.
      5. You do it and take someone else with you.
  5. Pinnacle. Respect
  6. People follow you for who you are, for what you have done.
Leadership is a Journey. It is a learning process.

Main Role of Product Manager in 5Ws and 1H

There is always 5Ws and 1H methodology used in Product Development or into any other field to discover concrete idea or gather correct information or knock down proper requirements from stakeholder. Why, What, When, Who, Where and How.

Main role of Product Manager is to understand Why and What from Stakeholders. eg.

  1. Why we are doing this?
  2. What we are going to do and What are the USPs?

    Following list of questions can be addressed later on:
  3. Who will be benefit from this?
  4. When we need to launch this?
  5. Where we will be launching this product?
  6. How we will implement/develop this?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding is getting popular in US and I hope the same will be popular in India shortly.
In this lot of small individual investors get together to invest into small/big companies specially via internet.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

I have hit the RESTART button on my JOURNEY of BLOGGER

Hi friends, I have hit the RESTART button on my BLOGGER's JOURNEY.
I have realised that I was procrastinating unnecessary to blog by giving priorities to other action items. Now, I have decided that daily i will post at least one post and share my thoughts on anything which i read or on anything what I feel.


Friday, January 18, 2013

My Wishlist...

› to modify my mobile's UI the way i want...
› to work at office which is just at 10 mins walkable distance...

Laxmi Golden Temple Timings: 8am to 8pm

File:Sripuram Temple Full View.jpg

We visited Sripuram over the last weekend and reached there at 8.10pm and found that temple was closed at 8pm, due to this we changed our trip plan and stayed back overnight to do abhishek darshan in the morning. I hope following information would be useful.

General Darshan: 8am to 8pm
Abhisek Darshan (Rs. 108/-): Starts at 4:30am (buy tickets from PRO at 10pm) - Unlimited Tickets
Full Darshan (Rs. 3000/-): Starts at 4:30am (buy tickets from PRO at 9pm)

Friday, January 04, 2013

ITsAP Technology Day 2013


Expecting a wonderful start for a year 2013 by attending ITsAP seminar on 5th January 2013.

They will cover a vast gamut of topics of interest to the Industry and Academia, including, Current Technology trends and directions, Emerging platforms and frameworks and Market opportunities. 

Speakers from the Industry, the academia and the Analyst community will add flavors to it. Hands on Tutorial on Mobile Application Development on Windows Phone 8 and Android Platform would be the best toppings.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dabangg 2 Movie Review (2 out of 5)

Dabangg 2... Sirf Naam hi Kaafi nahi hota ;)
I had some expectations and not too many expectations from Salman Khan Starer "Dabaang 2" Movie but I was disappointed after watching 2nd half of the movie. Chulbul Pandey character is classy by itself and only Salman Khan can give a total justice to that character. Still he needs to learn "how to cry". Most of the dialogues were repeated from earlier movie. Plus, movie is just of 2 hours and after interval movie ends without any thriller scenes & funny dialogues. Overall they should have properly used Prakash Raj as a Villian.

Still i think media will say its super hit and broken all previous records which will be nothing but marketing gimmik.

To me it was not so Dabangg this time. I would rate it as a nice to see it one time movie.
Movie Rating: 2 out of 5.